2018 VALBEC Conference • Friday, May 18

Literacy 4.0: preparing for new workplaces and literacy education practices

Conference presentations

Panel member, Laura Chapman, Volunteer Program Manager and coordinator of the Adult Literacy Program at Carringbush Adult Education and  Collated participant suggestions for digital learning resources and activities

Presentation 1C Getting blended with Kathrin Colgan and Ruth Ryan
Other links
Ruth and Kathrin also recommend www.quizlet.com – a brilliant vocab presentation or revision tool.

Presentation 1D Digital expertise beyond the classroom with Liz Gunn

Presentation 2B Swipe, tap and type! Digital literacy for beginner adult EAL Learners with Hayley Black

Presentation 2C Transitions exploring teaching and learning strategies for the gig economy with Rhonda Pelletier and Karen Manwaring

Presentation 2D Lighting the way for low level literacy learning with Mieke Alexander