October 2019 | VALBEC | Web version

1. Conferences:

  • ACAL 2019 Australian Council for Adult Literacy Conference
  • VALBEC May 15 2020
  • NHV Conference
  • Community Colleges Australia

2. Resources:

  • Meet a Lifeguard
  • Carringbush Reading Series
  • Reading and Writing Hotline
  • Special dates coming up:

3. Union

4. Professional Development:

  • Navigating the Digital World with Shruti Malavde – 25 November
  • Thank you Jodie Whitehurst – Teaching EAL to adults through drama
  • VET Development Centre


1. Conferences

ACAL 2019 Australian Council for Adult Literacy Conference

Critical re-imagining: adult literacy and numeracy practices for sustainable development

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All Comers Welcome: educating for community and growth

In 2020 let’s celebrate the people we teach – their lives, interests and aspirations.

Keep a weather eye out for the call for papers in coming months.

Block out May 15th for the 2020 VALBEC Conference 

NHV Conference


Community Colleges Australia

The Community Colleges Australia (CCA) Annual Conference travels to Brisbane this November, promising an informative, inventive and invigorating two days of international speakers, expert presenters and community education provider specialists.


2. Resources

Meet a Lifeguard

As the weather gets warmer and people begin to think about visiting the beach for a swim; it is a great time for learners to refresh their knowledge related to water safety. Life Saving Victoria offers a range of excellent educational sessions which are designed for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. The Meet the Lifeguard session, in particular, provides learners with the opportunity to learn about the role of lifeguards and gain important information related to inland waterway and beach safety. Visit the Life Saving Victoria website to book a session for your class or community group.


Carringbush Reading Series

The Carringbush Reading Series features stories that are relevant to adult EAL and literacy learners living in Australia. The stories can be used as reading resources for independent and classroom learning on themes such a daily routines, making appointments, employment pathways and other topics. The series are available as free PDFs through the Carringbush website.

The series is accompanied by Carringbooks, a mobile application currently available on all iOS and coming soon to Android devices. The app includes functions that allow learners to listen to whole sentences, language chunks and individual words to practise their pronunciation, speaking and listening skills.


Reading and Writing Hotline and Adult Learning Australia have LLN information





Covers many issues in Vocational Education…worth a listen.

Special dates coming up:

October 1 – International Day of the Older Person.


3. Union

Are you a member of your union? Would you like to explore your options?

For TAFE employees go to https://www.aeuvic.asn.au/

and for Learn Local RTOs or Neighbourhood House employees head to http://www.nteu.org.au/


4. Professional Development

We have 2 workshops coming up in November – Positive Psychology for Adult Learners with Marie Macleod and Navigating the Digital World with Shruti Malavde. More information will be released as we finalise the details.

Navigating the Digital World with Shruti Malavde – 25 November

This session is presented by Shruti Malavde who has been passionately working in the Adult Education Sector for the past 12 years. During her career she has successfully completed projects like Virtual Staffroom. Experienced Information Communication Technology professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in E-Learning, Learning Management, Educational Technology, virtual classroom and Instructional Design, Shruti is a compassionate trainer helping bridge the gap between CALD learners and digital natives technology.

In this workshop, we will explore a variety of topics, such as device security, managing privacy settings, managing digital assets, preventing and responding to identity theft, and reporting scams. Teachers will also explore a variety of resources for online safety.


Teaching EAL to adults through drama

Thanks to Jodie Whitehurst for running a fun-fact-filled PD session on using drama in the EAL classroom. Of course, drama is not restricted to EAL learners – it’s great to use with literacy learners as well. The genre is rich with opportunities for script writing, vocalisation, pronunciation, reading, designing – use of space, critical thinking – everything we want our learners to be doing really.

VET Development Centre

The latest VET development centre professional development opportunities for Learn Local providers has been released.