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Recruitment for Chair and board members of the new Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) advisory board

Applications close Wednesday 30 June 2021

This new organisation will have a mandate to bring the key elements of the skills system – skills and training providers, employers and industry, individuals and their communities – together in a more purposeful and collaborative way to drive better outcomes than have been realised before for the Victorian economy and for Victorians.

The creation of the VSA aligns with the recommendations of the Skills for Victoria’s Growing Economy review, undertaken by the Hon Jenny Macklin last year and will change the way the Department operates and how we will be organised.

The VSA will work independently alongside DET to deliver better planning for Victoria’s future training needs and a more integrated approach to the quality of teaching and training across Victoria’s TAFE and training network.


Valbec encourages members to apply for this important new board.

Introducing Valbec’s Committee – Liam Frost-Camilleri

“I have worked in Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and TAFE education institutions and have my masters of education focusing on TAFE teachers and how they navigate literacy and numeracy issues. I live in Ballarat and currently lecture Masters of Teaching (Secondary) students and enabling students and am currently doing my PhD on student readiness to learn, focusing on early school leavers and TAFE institutions.

As I’m not working in the TAFE anymore, my interest in the Valbec committee is around the development of Australian literacy and numeracy. I find acquisition of these skills fascinating as I wasn’t a very literate student myself.

Connections with others, a development of meaningful conference materials and submissions to FinePrint are motivating me to be part of the Valbec committee.”

Liam is a member of the Valbec Conference working group.

1. From the President

Does it spark joy? It’s time to Marie Kondo eValbec!

One of the great privileges of Valbec board membership is compiling eValbec. We get to cover a lot of territory each month, from UN topics like Peace and Trust and Numeracy News to regular sections about membership and union links. And now we’re excited to announce the update of Valbec’s website and some changes to eValbec in the months ahead!

We want to hear from you, dear readers!

What sparks joy for you in the pages of eValbec? Which are your favourite sections and which can you happily live without? Do you need a long newsletter or do you prefer a short snappy read? What in eValbec is Val-uable, precious and joy provoking, and what is less so? What other newsletters have inspired you? Could eValbec be inspired by them too?

We need a minute of your time 🙏

Your ideas about eValbecs; new topics, new sections, new ideas, new formats, all ideas are valuable to us and warmly invited. There are three ways to have your say:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Elizabeth Gunn
Valbec President

Photo by Cristian Escobar on Unsplash

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2. Committee Contributions

The UN Year of Peace and Trust – Di Buckley

‘All Human Beings’ by post-minimalist composer and pianist  Max Richter and film maker Yulia Mahr

I wanted to share the video All Human Beings. The music is composed by Max Richter, and his partner Yulia Mahr created the video segment. It starts with Eleanor Roosevelt narrating from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Richter invited people around the world to be part of the piece, and describes it as “a place to think and reflect” and a musical message of hope in these troubled times.

“I like the idea of a piece of music as a place to think, and it is clear we all have some thinking to do at the moment,” explains Richter. “We live in a hugely challenging time and, looking around at the world we have made, it’s easy to feel hopeless or angry. But, just as the problems we face are of our own making, so their solutions are within our reach. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is something that offers us a way forward.”

A number of my students wrote moving responses after viewing it; this is Phuong’s”

When I watch this video, the melodious and mellow background music, together with seeing the kind eyes of everyone, gives me the feeling of peace and happiness. I think everyone has the right to life, freedom and equality with each other, regardless of skin colour, origin, religion or ideology. Everyone is equal.

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3. Valbec Membership

Join or renew online.


Members receive:

  • 2021 – the Valbec professional learning series of 6 workshops will be free to current individual members.
  • Discounts for the Annual Conference and other Valbec statewide professional development.
  • Three issues of FINE PRINT per year – a quality LLN journal for discussion and debate about good practice, theory and policy issues. Feedback and contributions are actively sought from members about content and issues.
  • eVALBEC – our e-mail communication keeping members informed of professional development activities, general committee activities and more up to date policy changes.
  • Free online numeracy resources.
  • Focus on significant policy issues impacting on the field.

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4. Conferences

Valbec 2021 Conference – “A Passage In Time – Changes in Teaching and Learning Practices”

This year’s conference is about the changing nature of teaching and learning environments.  If you have something to share about your changing journey as a teacher and/or learner why not put your hand up to present at our conference?  We would love to hear from you at info@valbec.org.au.

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5. Upcoming PD


Professional learning events coming up soon…

Valbec Webinar: Teaching Literacy to Adults with a Mild Intellectual Disability

July 23 at 12:30 – 1:30PM AEST
Useful activities, resources, teaching methods and strategies from Christina Evans. Christina has been teaching adult students with mild intellectual disabilities since 2008. Christina’s first job was with LaTrobe Lifeskills, teaching the Certificate I in Transition Education. Christina’s now at Melbourne Polytechnic Preston teaching a variety of subjects, including Literacy, within students’ Work Education Programs.


The TREC project.

Managed by The Victorian TAFE Association in partnership with Chisholm’s Professional Educator College, the project presents VET Assessment Essentials, a series of FREE professional development webinars.

These webinars support project objectives and develop capability across the TAFE sector.





Professional learning events on the horizon…

ACTA International Conference Pushing the Boundaries Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

“Education is about pushing the boundaries. A changing global dynamic requires new insights, understandings and innovation which challenge TESOL researchers, policy makers and practitioners to rethink and redefine.”

This promises to be an exciting event. And it’s face-to-face. Even more exciting!


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6. Resources

Real World Education Resources by Anne Vize

Check out Anne’s practical education resources for young people with additional learning needs.


Here’s Anne’s post from the Valbec Facebook Group.

I thought it might be handy if I uploaded links to a few of the learner resources I’ve made recently that are aimed at young people and adults who have literacy and numeracy learning needs. I’ve made the resources free for today, so that people in our group who are interested in joining the chat about resource development can access them. I’m fascinated to see what people can identify as learning resource needs for the future – digital? money skills? mental health and wellbeing? job advertisements and applications? personal growth and development? resources to support specific cohorts of students, such as dyslexia friendly or autism friendly resources?

Horticulture Safety

Virtual coffee shop policies and procedures

These resources are so fantastic we’re sharing them with eValbec readers this month. Thanks Anne!

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7. Fine Print

This month, we’re offering you a sneak peek of an article from the upcoming issue of Fine Print: Irene O’Duffy’s contribution to Practical Matters. Follow the link below to learn about screen-casting as a tool for feedback and general instructions. We would love to feature more articles like this one from practitioners about tools and techniques that work for you, so if you have an idea, please email Deryn, Fine Print editor, at fineprintvalbec@gmail.com

And to see the rest of Fine Print, make sure your subscription is current and keep an eye on your letterbox.

Read Irene O’Duffy’s article here: https://bit.ly/35QDaTP

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8. Indigenous Education

Indigenous education work at ACER

National Reconciliation Week 2021 ends today and the Australian Centre for Education Research are marking it with a round-up of their recent and ongoing work in the Indigenous education research space, as part of our mission to improve learning for all.

Read more here https://www.acer.org/au/discover/article/indigenous-education-work-at-acer

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9. Unions

Australian Education Union


National Tertiary Education Union


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10. Awards

2021 Australian Training Awards

Nominations close 30 June.

Nominations are now open. The 2021 categories include the prestigious Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award. We encourage you to nominate yourself or your colleagues for this award and to share the attached flyer with your networks.

Information is available on the Australian Training Awards website: https://www.australiantrainingawards.gov.au/ or contact the team on: australiantrainingawards@dese.gov.au

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11. Employment Opportunities

VCAL curriculum writer: Youth2Industry College

 Youth2Industry College (www.y2ic.vic.edu.au), is a newly established, small Independent School delivering VCAL to Year 11 & 12 in South Melbourne. Our school was established as an alternative to mainstream schooling with a focus on inspiring students interested in applied learning and vocational pathways.  Our learning environment is safe, caring and inclusive. We have small class sizes and tailor learning to reflect the interests and needs of our students.

We are currently reviewing our curriculum in light of proposed Senior School reforms and are seeking a VCAL curriculum writer with experience in literacy and numeracy skill development to help draft lesson overviews, student activities and evidence-based assessments in line with VCAA requirements.

Interested applicants should send their resume to Penny Vakakis at pvakakis@y2ic.vic.edu.au.

Any questions can be directed to 0409 258 140

Neighbourhood House Victoria job vacancies

Consultant – Community Needs Analysis – The Centre: Connecting Community in North and West Melbourne

Director of Education – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Director of Community Services – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Special Employment Projects Officer – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Employment Support Case Manager – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Employment Program Support Officer – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Youth Employment Officer – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Children’s Services Manager – The Grange Community Centre

Programs Coordinator – Clota Cottage Neighbourhood House

Program and Marketing Coordinator – NorthWest Neighbourhood House Network

Pre-Accredited Trainer – Glen Park Community Centre

Toy Library Coordinator – West Footscray Neighbourhood House

Community Development Project Coordinator – Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre

Finance Officer – Coonara Community House

English as a Second Language Teacher – Wyndham Community & Education Centre

Community Development Worker – Neighbourhood Houses Barwon

Consultant – Community Needs Analysis – The Centre: Connecting Community in North and West Melbourne


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