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2020: The UN Year of Plant Health

Understanding and knowing the natural environment – the gardens, plants, trees, flowers and other materials outside the classroom –is a ‘literacy’ that many LLN students are probably quite good at. Field trips outside into the natural environment researching the local flora and fauna are not common for adult learners – it seems to happen in primary school and then stop happening after a certain age. I don’t know why that is. Maybe adults take the natural environment for granted because we’re so busy ‘at work’ looking at screens and worrying about letters, words, sentences and paragraphs. In 2020 let’s spend more time noticing and exchanging knowledge about our local environments with adult LLN learners. After all, land care is important for all people of all ages. This link has many suggestions for activities.


1. From the President

Welcome to 2020 – the VALBEC Committee are about to have our annual planning meeting, where we set our goals for the year, discuss our upcoming conference and workshops, and set our fees for both membership and conference. Thank you to all of you who subscribe to VALBEC, it means we can continue to provide members with a highly valued conference, Fine Print journal and workshops.

Have you read the Ministerial Statement of the future of Adult Community Education in Victoria 2020 – 2025?

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2. Conferences

2020 VALBEC Conference – Call for Presentations NOW OPEN

We often talk about our materials, strategies and pedagogy at the conference.

This year we invite you to reflect on these from the students’ perspective.

How has their feedback influenced you?
What do they say about their learning journey?

Students are welcome to join you in the presentation and there is no registration fee for fewer than 5 students!
Call for Presentations

Neighbourhood Houses Victoria Conference, March 2020


The World Literacy Summit

The World Literacy Summit will be held in Oxford University in 2020


NCVER ‘No Frills’ Conference, Perth 8-10 July 2020


2020 ACAL Conference

The 2020 ACAL conference will be held in Canberra. Details to follow.

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3. Resources

Adult Community Education staff in the National Tertiary Education Union.


TAFE staff


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4. Special Dates Coming Up

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5. Professional Development

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6. Top cats read Fine Print

Yes, the cat picture is a blatant ploy to get your attention, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that he is reading Fine Print, so it’s justified.

And now that we have your attention: if you are submitting a proposal for a VALBEC Conference presentation, please consider submitting it for Fine Print too, so that your ideas can reach an audience beyond the conference itself.

Perhaps you have a colleague who has great ideas but doesn’t realise how clever they are. Give them a nudge by passing on the email address below.

Please send your ideas to fineprintvalbec@gmail.com

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