2021 VALBEC Conference

Organising a conference in the current climate presents new challenges as we transition from lockdowns to opening ups. This year we need to be inspired more than ever and we encourage potential presenters to share your successes with us all.
Our conference will be online again but with a little difference – we will run it over two days. However, we won’t have the possibility to attend face-to-face at Angliss Conference Centre unfortunately. Nevertheless we look forward to meeting you 25-26 November 2021.
Presenters will be able to attend the Conference for free. Stand by for announcements in the coming weeks on conference charges.

2020 VALBEC Conference

​What was intended for the conference in May needs some adjusting for the conference in December. What an incredible time we’re having! And it may well stay incredible well into the new year. By then we’ll be seasoned explorers of virtual pedagogy, and experts in engaging tired and stressed students.

In 2020 we would like practitioners to tell us about their journey in these unprecedented times.



2019 VALBEC Conference

2019 VALBEC Conference banner

The 2019 theme – Resilience: connect, educate, empower – invited us to celebrate and explore how teachers and students achieve in education.

  • Connect – with colleagues, community and students to succeed in a new skill, or lay down the foundations for something new
  • Educate – by the development and delivery of good learning experiences for students or staff.
  • Empower – demonstrate how learning has enabled students or colleagues to utilise their resilience to achieve their goals.


2018 VALBEC Conference

2018 Conference

Workplaces are said to be in the middle of a ‘fourth industrial revolution’, following the earlier transformations brought about by steam, electricity and digitisation. It is often referred to simply as ‘Industry 4.0’. The emerging ‘smart’ factories in Industry 4.0 increasingly rely upon automation augmented by artificial intelligence, the crowdsourcing of tasks, and the use of freelance workers engaged in micro-tasking.


Conference pics – who can you see?

2017 VALBEC Conference

As teachers, we are continually learning from our students and working to improve our practice and learner outcomes. At the same time, we seek to expand our knowledge about teaching and learning in adult language, literacy and numeracy.

This conference will explore how and what we learn as teachers and how this is transferred into the classroom.

The following questions will be explored:

  • What informs our decision-making and practice in learning about teaching?
  • What does evidence-based research tell us about teaching adults?
  • How do we know we have made a positive impact on adult LLN learning?
  • How do we continue to learn about different approaches to learning and teaching?

This day will also provide us with lots of information sharing and new skills from workshops, networking and keynote speakers.  At the 2017 conference, we encourage teachers to reflect on their own learning as well as the learning of their students.

2017 Conference program

2017 Conference presentations

Pics below by Michael Chalk

2009 Conference

2009 Conference logo

2008 Conference

2008 conference logo

2007 Conference

2007 conference logo

2006 Conference

206 conference logo