A Fuller Sense of Self – The Book

Six people described why they returned to education and how that decision shaped and changed their lives for the better. Their stories were published in 2011 as ‘A Fuller Sense of Self – a collection of stories told by adult literacy students’. The stories illuminated their lives and learning experiences, describing the challenges they faced, the events that provoked their return to ‘school’, and ultimately how their lives had changed and shifted following that decision.

A Fuller Sense of Self 5 years on – The Digital Stories

Digital stories on YouTube
Five years on we revisit these students and their stories, to find out where they are now and to discover if and how learning continues to influence their life journey. We tracked down three of our original storytellers – Linda, David and Sue. This time our storytellers kindly and courageously shared their thoughts on camera.

VALBEC launched the video stories for Adult Learners’ Week 2016.

Here’s the trailer

Chpt 1 Awareness and Understanding

Chpt 2 Connection and Community

Chpt 3 Self-Belief and Possibility