VALBEC logo figureThe VALBEC Committee intends to appoint a contractor to provide administration services to the association following the forthcoming retirement of our long-serving administrator.

Position Description


This position is accountable for providing administration and operational support to the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Committee (VALBEC).

VALBEC is an incorporated association managed by an elected committee of volunteers and supported by a paid contract administrator.

The administration role is a key and active position in the work of the committee.


  • Maintain a database of members and non-members to serve as a basis for the distribution of the monthly newsletter eVALBEC, distribution of Fine Print and invoicing of membership and updating the Mailchimp service. (Note 1)
  • In conjunction with the Committee, manage the finances using online Xero software including the collecting of membership fees and other receipts, payment of bills, online banking, monthly reports to the Committee. (Note 2)
  • Maintain the website with updates as required including hosting and email requirements (Note 3)
  • Prepare and distribute the monthly online newsletter eVALBEC and additional email promotion of events
  • Create online support for managing Committee sponsored events (Note 4)
  • General administration – respond to email enquiries, support Committee decisions, maintain online documents storage on Google Drive (Note 5)
  • Consult with the Committee as required by email, phone and a monthly face-to-face evening meeting
  • Other tasks as determined from time to time by the Committee

Note 1 Currently using Filemaker.

Note 2 Currently supported by a professional bookkeeper who provides Xero support and enables VALBEC to meet BAS and audit requirements.

Note 3 The website has commercial hosting support and uses open-source WordPress plus a commercial theme Divi.

Note 4 Currently three or four per year and typically requires, web pages, online forms and promotional emails but does not include the Annual Conference which has been out-sourced to a third party.

Note 5 Currently the position does not require minute taking as the Committee secretary manages agenda, minutes and most letter/email responses.

Contractor responsibilities

The contractor will provide their own software, hardware, internet services and office space.

The contractor may engage a sub-contract for some necessary skills, in which case the contractor would be solely and entirely responsible for the management of any sub-contractor.

Current logistics

VALBEC currently:

  • does not offer a public phone number nor does it maintain a public office
  • has a post office box
  • has a physical commercial storage unit shared by other organisations.

These arrangements may be discussed with the committee during transition to the new administrator.

Time requirement

The commitment varies – an average of up to 2 days per month is usual and occurs in small amounts, Including monthly evening meetings.


Proposals for delivery of these services should include a suitable costing. This may include, but not be limited to, monthly or hourly rates. The VALBEC committee is prepared to discuss proposals suitably aligned to its activities and objectives.

This position is for an initial period of 12 months to be renewed on an annual basis at the discretion of the committee and dependent upon funding.


The Committee will consider styles of service delivery other than those described here provided the outcomes meet the general needs of the Association.

  • A committee member manages social media services. This could be included in any proposal.
  • Currently some services are commercial services shared by the current contractor with other clients (e.g. Mailchimp).
  • The commercial shared storage is shared by other organisations.

Transition to role

The current administrator has generously offered to support the transition for a new administrator for up to three months.

How to Apply

Applications for this position close Wednesday July 31st.

Applications should include:

  • a covering letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • contact details of three (3) referees

Submit all documents to:


Please call Rhonda Pelletier, VALBEC Secretary – 0466484523