16 May 2019, 6:00 – 8:00pm

William Angliss Institute Conference Centre, 555 La Trobe Street, Melbourne

Kirke Olson and Sher Kamman VALBEC are pleased to present an evening with Dr Kirke Olson Psy.D. and Sher Kamman Psy.D. and Marie MacLeod in conversation with Linno Rhodes, VALBEC President and International Specialised Skills Fellow (2017).

Together, Kirke and Sher run the Positivity Company in Concorde New Hampshire where they are committed to applying the science of positive psychology, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness to bring about change. They work as consultants to schools and their leadership teams, to bring about authentic and long term positive change.

The Positivity Company has helped improve the organisational climate in schools and other organisations by using research from neuroscience, the psychology of human relationships, motivation and mindfulness.

Marie McLeod is the CEO and Founder of PoPsy, delivering practical positive psychology in education, health and human services. Positive psychology is being applied in education settings around the world, showing benefits such as increased resilience, inoculation against reduced depression and anxiety.

Join Linno in conversation with Kirke and Sher as they explore ways leaders and managers in Adult Community Education can use the tools of Positive Psychology to:

  • Work with staff to identify organisational and individual strengths
  • Create positive and welcoming approaches to change
  • Build an atmosphere of resilience and optimism.
  • Help each other flourish in the workplace.


  • This is a free event, although numbers are limited
  • Registrations essential
  • Refreshments provided.

Kirke Olson is the ISS Institute – Incoming Industry Leader Fellowship 2019 recipient.

Registration is essential