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Teachers often have difficulty knowing how to address the pronunciation needs of their learners. This interactive forum will focus on the different elements of pronunciation, exploring some theory related to phonology and how research can inform teachers’ practice. Participants will explore approaches to teaching pronunciation explicitly, as well as strategies to incorporate pronunciation into the teaching of reading, writing and oral communication.

When: Thursday February 28th 2019, 6.00 – 8.00

Where:  Carringbush Adult Education, 415 Church St, Richmond 3121 (near the corner with Swan Street, a couple of minutes walk from East Richmond Station) Map

Cost: VALBEC members – free; non-members $15

Refreshments will be provided – tea, coffee and the odd biscuit.

RSVP by February 25 required using the form below.

Sounds and letters don’t agree

When the English tongue we speak.
Why is break not rhymed with freak?
Will you tell me why it’s true
We say sew but likewise few?
And the maker of the verse,
Cannot rhyme his horse with worse?
Beard is not the same as heard
Cord is different from word.
Cow is cow but low is low
Shoe is never rhymed with foe.
Think of hose, dose, and lose
And think of goose and yet with choose
Think of comb, tomb and bomb,
Doll and roll or home and some.
Since pay is rhymed with say
Why not paid with said I pray?
Think of blood, food and good.
Mould is not pronounced like could.
Wherefore done, but gone and lone –
Is there any reason known?
To sum up all, it seems to me
Sound and letters don’t agree.