Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 6.00pm, dinner afterwards at own expense

St Georges Restaurant, Melbourne Polytechnic, 77 St Georges Rd Preston

Members and friends of VALBEC are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Council and a presentation by Karen Dymke: Professionalising our Practice through Research.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will involve presentation of reports on the 2017 VALBEC year and the election of the new Executive committee for 2018 – 2019.

The agenda for the AGM is:

1. Reports

  • Presidents
  • Conference
  • Professional Development
  • ACAL
  • Treasurer

2. Election of new office bearers.

3. Confirmation of Auditor.

VALBEC Committee nominations

The VALBEC committee is a dynamic and collaborative group who meet once a month to discuss, plan and take action on behalf of members and the ALBE field. Nominations to be forwarded to the returning officer before the meeting.

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Karen Dymke

Karen Dymke

Professionalising our Practice through Research

Presented by Karen Dymke

The Adult Learning sector is a highly specialised sector with significant demands. It has long been regarded as the pointy end of educational need. Yet, as a field it has not always enjoyed the acknowledgement, funding or research meted out to other educational sectors. Karen and Cate Thompson have recently returned from a study tour to Europe through the International Specialised Skills Institute and the Department of Education and Training, Higher Education and Skills Group, International Vocational Training Fellowship.

Karen will share her findings from the trip on her particular focus, the Professionalisation of Adult Educators. She will also share her insights from John Hattie’s ground-breaking research on Visible Learning, which has identified what has the greatest effect to progress student learning and achievement. Of particular interest, will be the newly available text, ‘Teaching Literacy in the Visible Learning Classroom’ that Karen will provide a preview and commentary on how it may apply in adult learning contexts.

Karen Dymke has worked across a range of sectors with a unique breadth of knowledge, balance and expertise that she brings to her current roles at Thoughtfulworks as consultant, facilitator and coach.


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